Travelling, reading, writing, camera-wielding, surfing, convention & work-avoiding 

Cantabrian sundownerIn a nutshell, I could be described in those ten words, but it hasn’t always been that way and it probably won’t be so forever either, but at present, here and now, that’s me.

Education, job and career led me to break with all my norms and make an escape, to where and to do what I had no idea but eight years later I’m still at it. No fixed idea, no set direction, no residence and a rooted impermanence.  Balance, consciousness, choices and acceptance – belief in self, and trying to find a way to always trust instinct.

Recently, I have begun to involve myself in projects that both excite and reward but still finding the ‘freedom-at-all-costs’ itinerancy causes conflict, exposing duality. Above all, a desire to share, to inspire – to share the inspiration that others have aroused in me.  Living within what there is without building a box around it.

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