FtS – what is it?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s not a simple answer so here’s the long version…..

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What is it?

A thought. A belief. A seed of an idea and concept for a way of life. Not just a way of life but whatever way of life you choose. It is not one but many, individual and specific to each of us. It represents freedom – the freedom to choose how each of us lives given the boundaries and constraints that are represented by living in the society that we do.

It is about escape, but not about running away. We are nurtured all our lives to conform, to do right, to work, to spend, to consume, to throw away to perpetuate the cycle – the treadmill we trot upon – and so often it does not occur to us that there are options, choices we can make to do whatever we want.

It is about accepting our non-natural world around us and in doing so stop ourselves from being used by it, hollowed-out during our prime years, worked-over (and over-worked) until we stumble into middle age with a few questions beginning to form within us.

It is about creating our own individual systems to deal with living in the communal, global system – the very important difference between the two being that one we make our own choices within, the other many choices are not made available. And through our choices, follow our instincts and feelings to live a life we respect.

How many times do we think “There must be more to life out there”? Well, there is but it’s not “out there”, far away, it’s always close by and within reach if we open our eyes to it.

Freedom of choice. There is always a choice, and with the choices we make today we shape our tomorrows – it’s as simple as that, if only we could allow ourselves to believe it. Often it’s so much easier to not have to choose, allowing instead others to do so for us, to follow and then we can always complain about it afterwards if we aren’t “happy”. Afterall, if we didn’t make the decision, then we can’t blame ourselves – it’s always easier to blame something or someone else. To choose to not follow is to take responsibility for yourself, and for your choices – if you don’t like the choice you made then accept it, make the most of it, learn from it, build upon the knowledge and experience – it will only serve you well.

Being responsible for ourselves is no small feat, many of us probably think we are already but how much of our lives did we actually choose and how much did we just end up with by following the flow?

It is about awakening. Opening our eyes and selves to freedom and choice within what we already have and are surrounded by. It is a way of thinking, a click, a slight shift in consciousness and awareness of where and how we choose to live.

It is not about telling. It is not a step-by-step guide with answers to all the questions. It is not a guaranteed formula for success. It is not a spiel. It is not going to lead you to your personal nirvana. It’s not going to lead anyone anywhere, if we start to lead them there are followers. It is not about following (see above). Leadership seems to invariably lead to ego and mis-leading.

So don’t follow. Don’t lead. Which leaves us with Just Be. Be what? Ourselves, what we choose. There are so many people saying everyday “I wish I could”, “I don’t have a choice” but there is an ever-growing number of individuals waking up and realizing “I can”, “I do have a choice” and beginning.

It is about beginning. Whatever we may decide we want in life, it’s rare we can make it happen now, which usually leaves us stumped, de-motivated and soon returning to ‘normal’. To choose to be responsible for your self is the beginning, whatever we choose next may seem impossible, unattainable, out of reach, beyond means. But seeds – given the right conditions – always germinate, and little by little they push through to the surface and into creation. The same with our choices, just because we decide on something the chances are it will not become a reality tomorrow, however once the idea is there it’s astounding how life offers up little steps from time to time which bring us closer to getting there. And as it does so, the existential takes form and evolves until without actually forcing it we one day realise we are there by which time we have more seeds breaking through taking us beyond what we could previously have imagined.

Just Be. Be ourselves. In a nutshell that’s it, however until we have let go of the security of following and the ego-trip of leading it is hard to know ourselves.

Little-by-little. Step-by-step. Poco-a-poco. It’s not a guide on How to ~ , it’s a process which is different and unique for each of us, just as each one of us is different and unique. Oh, and it’s not always easy – mindfulness and inspiration.

Don’t follow. Don’t lead. Just Be.

Free the Sheep.

sheep project2

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