A or B


The feeling of standing at a crossroads, or even a fork in the road, or between two parallel paths is often with me.

To look down one then the other, the choice before me – whatever it may be – has at least two outcomes and I find myself blankly staring along each in turn and at once, afraid to begin down either lest it turn out to be less favourable than the other.

Both options are valid. Both have their merits and pitfalls.

I think I can feel some of what lies ahead down whichever but it is more likely that they will pan out as they will, often quite far removed from the imagined projections of them.

Neither option right nor wrong, just different opportunities and the struggle is differentiating between instinct and fear – one urges, the other prevents. Is it apathy or laziness that whispers for me to go left not right, or it my intuition, my Self, saying this is The Go for you…

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