In a hurry…

The journey is the destination

About to embark upon the final two hour leg of today’s eight hour drive. This is my second stop – an “unnecessary” one I was thinking to myself as the layby approached, why stop – still feeling fresh, plenty of fuel, don’t need to pee and only 250km to go – push on push on I cried, before swerving off down the slip road.

I left this morning bathed in bright sunshine and have been driving unstoppably forwards into patches of early summer storms, torrential rain, horrendous visibility, before emerging into clear blue skies. The frequency of the latter however is diminishing whilst the clouds have changed from squadrons to all-encompassing banks looming on all sides.

What’s more, the wave forecast is not good for the next ten days either. What am I doing heading to the Atlantic now?

Ok, so I am en route to meeting others which adds a certain motivation and urgency to proceedings and my sense of arrival however stopping for this break now the familiar traveling mantra above was swirling around my head. Take it in, kick back, relax, make a cup of tea, enjoy the sun, listen to the rain pelting down on the roof, hear the other vehicles whooshing past to their destinations.

It’s not the where, it’s the when and if the when isn’t the present then it’s passing you by.





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