The First Post

The First Post

We create our own reality.

Something I’ve heard before, something I’ve read before, something I’ve dismissed as cliché before possibly. The phrase keeps popping up, not just in my speech and thoughts – others constantly present the overwhelming evidence to support.

Act like a general, talk like a general and you will be a general.

I was introduced to a new term this week, a new malady / infliction the modern world has sought to wordify – comparitis: the tendency to compare yourself against others, the habit of comparing your own “insides” with other people’s “outsides”. A temptation that’s hard to resist – what else is there after all than our perceptions of others, creating in our own mind an impression of what/who another is, albeit that this image has passed through the filters of our Selves which are nothing to do with our subject. It’s our bag, creating another to carry around.

I didn’t say it, Jackson Brown Jnr did: “Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something”

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